Classic Pos Inc., is a leading international developer and distributor of POS and BUSINESS AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS software, hardware and peripherals, servicing Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Businesses automation needs since the early 1980's. With an extensive dealer network. We likely have a dealer near you, who can consult with you with and give advise on your automation needs.

Our comprehensive range of software and inventory programs provide solutions for most POS application, for general retail and business environments, as well as specific vertical operations, such as restaurants, club's, convenience stores salon and nail bars etc. We offer automation solutions for the small to medium sized business' and stores, as well as the complex multi site systems used by large retail chains.

Classic's extensive experience in the business and retail environments can help you and or your dealer, make an informed, cost effective and appropriate decision in solving your automation needs.

At Classic Pos we are committed to continuing efforts to provide you with the best product available at a competetive price and to assist you in the automation of your business. We are continually on the lookout to better our products. All new programs are put through extensive testing process to ensure that they will operate efficiently in the use they will be put to in your business application. We rigorously test and make sure that programs and systems are user friendly and logical in their operation, therefore easy to integrate use in your environment.

Our goal is to be a business partner that you and your dealer can depend upon. We aim to achieve this objective, through our commitment and efforts to provide consistently high quality products and service.  To provide you the best, most user friendly POS and accounting software and support, as well as compatible high quality hardware, peripherals and support available in the computer industry.