Finally a Windows Retail Management System, with POS and a full back end accounting designed to service any Retail operation.

It's perfect for any Retail Business. Classic plus turns any PC into a super smart management system that increases your profit significantly.

It will improve your overall operations, especially in inventory control and check out. Classic plus registers sales, prints fully itemized receipts or invoices, receives and tracks inventory and prints sales reports, including re-order reports.

Easy to learn and operate...

Classic plus Retail Management System was designed for the first time computer use. it was also designed with enough sophistication that's required by the more seasoned users.

Numerous "pull-down" menus and "point-and -select" windows make the program intuitively easy to use. even a new clerk can learn to ring transactions in minutes.

Transactions can be scanned in by the bar code, keyed in or selected from a pull down list, all of which helps a clerk produce a fully itemized receipt and easily.

An each transaction is completed, the products sold are quickly and automatically deducted from the current amount on hand in inventory.

Classic plus , RETAIL Management System helps you know...
What's in inventory right now ? Which products are slow movers ? What sales are for the day, the month, the year ? What sales are by category, or by product group ? Who are your customers and what they like to purchase ?

All of this information and much, much more is collected for you and is available to you at the touch of a button.

Replace your cash register with a cash generator...
Can your cash register tell you what's in stock, control your inventory, check and correct prices automatically, provide quicker service, get more repeat business and optimize your purchasing ?

Classic plus can help you stay ahead of your competition, reduce your shrinkage, billing errors, cost and time. It puts the profit-building speed, accuracy and power of PCs to work for you.

A list of features and options available in this program is available in our downloadable brochure.

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